Chelsea’s defensive play raises questions with Arsenal fans

This past weekend, there was a clash of English powers when 2nd place Arsenal tried to best the Chelsea Blues at home, hoping for at least a chance to slow down Chelsea on their way to the title races.

Unfortunately, they only managed a 0-0 draw, and now the fate of the season rests solely in the 1st place Blues hands. The controversy behind the fixture came due to the fact that Chelsea played extremely conservative most of the game, making it near impossible for the in-form Arsenal squad to force errors and goals on the superstar team.

Near the end of the fixture, Arsenal fans started chanting, “Boring, boring Chelsea!” to add their own twist to the chant often used against Arsenal in the 1970s. However, Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho was not impressed by the chants, retorting, “Boring is 10 years without winning a Premier League title. That is boring.” I personally can’t stop laughing about what an insufferable whiner Mourinho is. You pretty much just wrapped up the Premier League and you still feel the need to talk rubbish against some angry fans. It’s even worse when you look at the challenges Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have actually gone through these past ten years.

While Chelsea accepted large amounts of money from their sponsor, bringing them stability and success, Arsenal had to buy a whole new stadium, completely sapping their transfer money and forcing the team into a must-win mentality. Even still, Wenger coached up nobody prospects into world class players and brought the team into the top 4 almost every year. Not only is this extraordinary, it was also necessary due to the money that teams get from the Champions’ League. Without that money, Arsenal would have rebuilt even slower and been unable to repay their debts for the stadium as quickly.

Similarly, the team had to part ways with many world-class players such as Nasri, Fabregas and Robin van Persie in order to pay off debts and purchase lower-level players to be coached up. So when Mourinho tells the press that 10 years without a Premier League title is boring, I’d have to disagree. Having a billionaire purchase your team and pay its way to the top is boring.


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