Amy Schumer Shows Her Wit Is As Sharp As Ever in Season 3

The scene: Tina Fey, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Patricia Arquette and Amy Schumer are having a picnic in a fantastic world where they are sipping wine and celebrating Dreyfus’ last f—-able day. No, this is not a dream. This is a gathering of female comedian royalty and Amy Schumer has just earned her seat on the royal throne.

This skit from the Season 3 premier of “Inside Amy Schumer,” which aired last Tuesday on Comedy Central has, at least for me, solidified Schumer’s position as the female comedian of 2015. Since Schumer’s rise to stardom and landing big-time gigs, such as hosting the 2015 MTV Movie Awards alongside Anna Kendrick and her film “Trainwreck” set to release this July, her career has skyrocketed. Clearly, fellow comedy queens Dreyfus and Fey have also taken notice.

The premier of Season 3 played up Schumer’s expertise on satire, hysterically commenting on visions of famous women in modern society. The picnic scene was a party celebrating Dreyfus’ metaphorical sendoff into celebrity oblivion, playing off the lack of interest in “old” women celebrities by fans and the media. Dreyfus chugs warm Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and climbs into a boat to float away as if she were the Lady of Shalott; scratched into the side of the wooden boat were the words “Sally Field wuz here.”

The first sketch, an original music number on big butts, left Kim Kardashian to the wayside, as Schumer opted for Kim’s arch nemesis Amber Rose to represent the big booties of stardom. Though the song was slightly repulsive, singing about bodily functions relating to the behind, Schumer did not fail to make her point- mocking our society’s crazed obsession that made 2014 the year of the butt.

Schumer took on deeper issues in her sketches as well. In a parody sketch of “Friday Night Lights” called “Friday Football Night,” coach Thompson sought to teach his players “no more rape,” where the players struggled with the concept. Schumer played Connie Britton’s motherly role of Sharon Gaines. If you closed your eyes and listened to Schumer you would actually think it was Britton herself saying her famous line “ain’t it good to be the coach?” Throughout the sketch Schumer walks in and out carrying wine glasses increasing in size until the glass is bigger than her. She looks on admiringly with her wine as she watches her husband coach the team.

Also in the premier Schumer makes a parody birth control advertisement where she plays off the classic pharmaceutical advertisement adage “ask your doctor if **blank** is right for you.” In the commercial she goes to lengths as far as asking her mailman to the justices of the Supreme Court if this birth control is right for her; just to end up at the pharmacist with a no refill prescription. The pharmacist then sells a gun to a young boy after Schumer exits the scene annoyed she must prove her right to birth control month after month. Schumer is not afraid to take a political stance or touch on dark topics in her sketches and she does so with a knack for humor and a talent for well-timed jokes.

Schumer ended her show with a segment titled “Amy Goes Deep” where she interviewed a transgender woman on her life story and her transition. Schumer continues to play on humor in the interview but does not diminish the importance of the messages she wants to convey to her viewers. She lets the humor settle on the audience in a way that feels comfortable and friendly, which shows she is not afraid to take risks with her comedy and address important societal or political questions.

The Season 3 premier of “Inside Amy Schumer” showed the tact, wit and the keen grasp on social satire that makes Schumer’s comedy so talented. I’m excited to see what the remainder of this season has for audiences as Schumer declares her spot amongst the comedy greats.


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