Adam Devine Selfies with Few Lucky Fans

The energy was palpable as Adam Devine took the stage at Jorgensen Saturday night. He didn’t miss a beat or waste time with introductions – he launched immediately into his routine.

It wasn’t unappreciated by any means – the audience had patiently waited through a ten-minute delayed start and a decently long opening act by Adam Ray (who is, in his own right, a wonderful comedian I hope to see more of). So by the time Devine took the stage, the audience was chomping at the bit. Despite the wait, however, there was no question of how much energy was in the room, something Devine himself acknowledged when he started his set.

Every minute of the wait was absolutely worth it in the end. Devine came prepared to the show, fully aware of exactly who it was he was there to entertain – an audience of drunk and stoned college kids, likely more excited than they’d been all semester. Stories about his previous night at Ted’s had the audience going crazy, pumped that Devine had been to their favorite local bar and anticipating the possibility of running into him after the show.

Every joke Devine told, save a select few of the more offensive variety, received tremendous applause from the audience. Each silent moment was filled with cheers and screams from the audience, with both guys and girls calling out for Devine to marry them or come back to their place after to drink and get stoned. Like a true professional, Devine took it all in stride and jived with the audience. Very little from the audience was ignored, with much of it incorporated into his act.

“It’s the thing that only comics know, which is like, you’re in the moment and you’re doing it but a lot of the time you’re telling this joke and you’re thinking a joke or two jokes ahead,” remarked Devine in a post-show interview. “They liked the joke before this one and I have another joke in the same vein so I’ll go ahead with this one.”

The show concluded a little after midnight, at which point Devine held a brief interview with the Daily Campus as well as a short meet and greet for those who were first in line for the show. Each participant had the opportunity to meet with Adam, chat a bit and take a few photos with him. Devine seemed quite excited to meet his fans, allowing everyone to take multiple photos and fulfilling any silly requests they might have had, such as throwing up sorority signs, giving hugs or taking selfies.

Those interested in reading the Daily Campus’ full interview with Devine can find it on our website at


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