The OOze to flow again this weekend, OOzeball returns to UConn for 31st year

What do you get when you mix mud, volleyball and UConn students? A wonderful tradition that was rated number 33 on Sports Illustrated’s list of “Top 100 Things to Do Before You Graduate”. With 400 teams competing, and nearly 3,000 students, alumni and spectators involved, the tournament is truly a major highlight of Spring Weekend.

OOzeball is a single-elimination volleyball tournament played in eight inches of thick, sticky mud. The mud forces players to trudge and strain instead running around; because it is quite literally, physically impossible to do anything other than lean and lunge in the direction of the ball.

The UConn Student Alumni Association started OOzeball in 1984 and many other colleges and universities around the country have adapted the game and turned it into their own. But there is a reason OOzeball at UConn was chosen in 2004 as the Best Mud Volleyball event by Sports Illustrated.

With eight inches of mud and thousands of students the event will be, as it always has been, a spectacular event to witness and participate in.


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