Prince James roasts the King

I have a new favorite basketball player and his name is LeBron James, Jr.


In Monday night’s matchup versus the Cavaliers and the Celtics, James moved past Michael Jordan in the most playoff assists. Rachel Nichols informed us during TNT’s broadcast that upon hearing the news, James’ own son, LeBron James, Jr., said while he had beat him in playoff assists, he “couldn’t beat MJ in much of anything else.”

In the words of the great office manager Michael Scott, “BOOM ROASTED.”

Do you remember back when people respected Bill Cosby and he hosted that show, “Kids Say the Dardnest Things”? We need to invent a time capsule just so we can get LeBron’s son on that show and see what else he thinks about the world, because clearly he doesn’t care about the consequences of what he has to say.

His father has been compared to Jordan his entire life, basically his entire career has been about living up to being the second coming of “His Airness”. Does his kid care? Nope.

“Hey Dad, you haven’t lived up to the standard everyone’s set for you. By the way I’m hungry.” LeBron James, Jr. probably said this on the way home from the game.

In a time when everyone cares about how their words are being taken and everything is so meticulously picked apart, it’s refreshing to see this 10-year old just say whatever is on his mind.

James, Jr. also has finally put the LeBron versus MJ debate to bed. If you can’t convince your own son that you feed, bathe and clothe, that you are the greatest basketball player of all-time, then you just aren’t. I no longer care what bloggers and professional writers have to say, James, Jr. has told me everything I need to know.

Now of course James, Jr. has probably never seen Jordan play basketball outside of YouTube videos, but I don’t think that really matters. When it comes down to it, YouTube highlights are the pinnacle of success in basketball. Go back and watch Andre Drummond’s high school highlights and try to convince me he wasn’t the greatest high school basketball player of all time. You can’t. I never saw him play a game in high school, but edited highlight mixes are all my brain and yours should need to trust. Pretty soon the “The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame” will be replaced by the “Ball is Life: Hall of Crossovers and Dunks”. So I am more than convinced that James, Jr.’s YouTube education on Michael Jordan is enough.

After the game James told reporters, “Hopefully, I can continue to make him proud. Continue to be the leader, be a role model, be the father for my kids and give them to roadmap to success.”

Classic James, just trying to say the right thing instead of manning up to the media like his son. If James, Jr. was in that situation he would have told reporters he was going to, “take away snacks, video games, shoes and daylight from his kid until he learned respect for his game.” But then again James, Jr. has always had that demeanor with the media.

In closing, according to YouTube highlight mixes (which as we learned above is more important than actual games) James, Jr. is going to be the next greatest thing after Anthony Davis. I hope that his father’s PR firms and Marketing teams stay the heck away from his son so that he can continue to give us these kinds of golden, factual quotes.

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