New Ask App ‘XO Feedback’ Launched at UConn

XO Feedback, a new app launched this week at the University of Connecticut, allows students to ask questions and get responses from their campus.

“Basically you can ask questions you wouldn’t find the answer to on Google,” said XO Feedback’s CEO and founder, Jay Wadhwani.

Questions range anywhere from relationship advice, help with class or any social issue going on around campus, Wadhwani said.

The app is hyper localized, so you only see questions from people on your campus, Wadhwani said.

When you ask a question you are able to do so anonymously or publically; however, all responses are public, Wadhwani said.

“We made all the responses public because we didn’t want to turn it into a bullying app,” Wadhwani said.

Users are able to up or down vote posts and comments, Wadhwani said, and the app can function like Yahoo answers by showing you the response with the most up votes.

The app allows users to see the data analytics of people who have responded, Wadhwani said.

“For example, you can see how girls responded to your post or guys,” Wadhwani said.

Pictures can also be tagged to a question, Wadhwani said.

Wadhwani said they plan to have the questions organized by category as well.

“XO was created essentially to give more utility for students who are looking for opinions on campus,” Wadhwani said.

Wadhwani started creating apps three years ago, and XO came out of some of his earlier apps, which were focused more on the dating space.

“Originally we started a dating app that connected you with people through mutual friends,” Wadhwani said.

This app was launched at all of the Boston schools and it scaled to reach about 30,000 people, Wadhwani said.

“We realized the need was constantly changing, and our app was being used more to get feedback on campus. We wanted to create something more serious than Tinder or Yik Yak. That’s when we created XO,” Wadhwani said.

Wadhwani said they chose the name XO because the app came from a dating background, lots of people posting questions about relationships and it’s quick and punchy.

XO was also launched at University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Albany, Brown and Providence College, Wadhwani said.

“UConn is a big focus for us though,” Wadhwani said.

XO Feedback is currently partnered with Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity, and it looking to partner with other organizations on campus.

“I love the app! It’s such an easy way to ask questions I have about school and get responses from lots of people,” Nella Lastrina, 6th semester communications major, said.


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