ScHoolboy Q Was Man of the semester at Spring Concert

On Friday, April 17th, the pulse of UConn was beating at Gampel Pavillion as students gathered for the SUBOG Spring Concert featuring ScHoolboy Q and ASAP Ferg.

Once again, the sports stadium functioned as the perfect amphitheater, creating an atmosphere of excitement for students.

Rapper ASAP Ferg, the night’s opening act, announced early into his set that he considered himself “more of a partier than a performer,” and carried that feeling into the night as he performed tracks such as “Shabba” “Let It Go” and “Work.” Ferg excelled in engaging the audience – his set included rotating towards the back of the floor to allow prime access for everyone, shouting a call and answer routine with the audience, and most notably, inviting students up on stage to perform in rap battles. Ferg was a formidable opener, playing for almost an hour and nearly stealing the show.

There was a lengthy intermission between acts, but after a period of time, ScHoolboy Q appeared on stage. Q apologized for the wait, stating that he had “just gotten out of jail” about an hour ago, although this has not been officially confirmed.

However, ScHoolBoy Q rewarded his patient audience in a thrilling set. He did a good job of mixing his hits with his lesser-known tracks, engaging both those familiar with his music and those who might have been new to it, keeping a constant and vibrant energy throughout the night. Songs included “Break the Bank” “Studio” “Hell of a Night” “Gangsta” and a particularly well-received “Collard Greens.”

In the middle of his set, ScHoolboy Q took the opportunity to congratulate the women’s basketball team, as well as giving a heartfelt thanks to his fans for their support, stating that they give him his rent, the food on his table, and money for his daughter’s education.

“You are the future,” he told the student audience.

He closed the night with his hit “Man of the Year” to the excitement of the crowd. Student voices could be heard almost as well as ScHoolboy Q’s as the crowd sang along.

All in all, the concert was the perfect last hurrah and opportunity for students to cut loose for a night as the spring semester winds down.

“I had a great time, and definitely got my sustenance for the day,” said Tom Donnelly, a 6th-semester student, referring to ScHoolboy Q’s hit “Collard Greens.”

Wolfgang Wallach, a 4th-semester student was not a fan of either performer when the night began, but by the end, he was found sporting a bucket hat and singing along to both sets.

As 8th-semester student Matilda Dean put it, “The only disappointing part of the show was the lack of bucket hats.”











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