10 Things to do Outside

It’s finally spring! With another UConn winter behind us, because winter at UConn is just extra special, students and faculty alike can finally take some enjoyment from the aesthetics in and around campus.

The question on everyone’s mind: what’s there to do? Well here are 10 things that everyone could enjoy in order to take full advantage of the nice weather.

  1. Go for a walk

This is a simple and completely free activity. Grab a friend or two and take a stroll around Mirror Lake or Horsebarn Hill. One might find such an activity a huge stress reliever given finals season is almost upon us.

  1. Go for a hike

Also a free activity and hiking is good exercise. Walking is good too, but typically hiking tends to be a little more arduous with the trade off of maybe enjoying a change of scenery, especially if someone has walked Mirror Lake or Horsebarn Hill a million times.

  1. Take a ride on a bicycle

Bike riding is well facilitated on campus. Take a ride alone or with friends. Depending on where one goes, it could be a low key ride on the sidewalk or workout if there is a good backwoods trail somewhere.

  1. Read a book outdoors

This is an excellent and also free activity. Pick a spot where the sun is shining, put on your favorite pair of shades and just get lost in a story and enjoy your environment.

  1. Joy ride with friends

There are very few things more enjoyable than just getting in the car and driving somewhere- especially if you’re with good friends. Turn up the radio, roll down the windows and sing to the steering wheel alongside the radio. Gas is cheaper than it’s been in years and who knows when it’ll go back up, so take advantage!

  1. Try a new sport

Ever wanted to try out Ultimate Frisbee or Disc Golf? Well UConn is a good place to be. Students toss discs around all over campus. Borrow or buy a Frisbee, get together with your dorm-mates and just get out and toss. Not far from campus is Cross Farms Recreation center, sporting an excellent 18 pin disc golf course. It’s also coupled with a pretty nice trail for walking and dogs are welcome.

  1. Eat outdoors

Winter kept many people off of the beautiful Storrs center. With spring taking over campus, chairs and tables will be set up all over Storrs center, right next to some food hotspots like Mooyah, Dog Lane, Husky Pizza or Geno’s Grille.

  1. Go watch a game

Kick back and watch a ball game with your friends, America’s pastime is in season. Go check out a UConn game, or set some time over the weekend and go check out a Red Sox game in Boston, or even Yankees or Met’s game in New York. Maybe make it a day trip.

  1. Day Trip

A day trip is always fun. It may be difficult to set a plan up especially with finals season looming over campus. If you have the time or the money, make it happen. Taking on the city for a day in nice weather might just be great, and don’t put it off! There is no time like the present.

  1. Have a picnic

Looking to take your significant other out on a nice date, but are a broke college student? Keep it simple and cheap and grab a blanket, make some sandwiches and pick a good spot. Don’t have a significant other? Well maybe now’s the time to ask that someone out on a picnic date.


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