Soccer Column: Champion’s League Quarterfinals

The competition is getting tense as the Champion’s League has reached the point where only eight teams remain, and all are hungry for the title. The teams are looking for much needed wins to go ahead in the European title race, a competition that gives the teams recognition as the best, but also rewards the teams with millions of dollars per late-round game.

Real Madrid faced off yesterday against cross-city rivals Atletico Madrid, a rematch of last year’s final. The match proved to be uneventful, with the game ending 0-0. The series will next be played at Real Madrid’s pitch, but it will be a close game no matter what. Atletico is hungry for revenge for last year’s final, so they could definitely put some magic up against the Ronaldo led Real side.

Juventus gained a first goal lead on Monaco almost two thirds into the match after a penalty call. The Italian side was favored by a considerable margin, and showed their domination throughout the home game. The next game at Monaco could be an upset but it remains unlikely as the difference in player quality from the two teams is significant.

Today, European superteam Bayern Munich will play Porto on the pitch. The German side are heavy favorites and not expected to lose. Although the Porto side is able-bodied, they will not be able to mount much offensive against a defensive team comprised of players such as Philip Lahm and top goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Barcelona hosts the Ibrahimovic-led Paris Saint-Germain for a match that could be quite interesting. The Barcelona side has been in top form going down the stretch and are definitely looking for the win at home to make the next fixture more difficult for a PSG team that has already had fantastic second legs this tournament. The match could definitely be picked for an upset as the French squad is poised to strike against a superstar team like they did with Chelsea, trying to show themselves as superstars themselves.

I believe the competition will end with Juventus and Barcelona going to the finals, with the Barcelona side bringing down the trophy at the end of the day. Messi is simply working magic as he always does, and with Luis Suarez and Neymar providing striking support, it will be almost impossible to take down the near perfect game the side plays.


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