Column: The Future of Golf is Here

What Jordan Spieth did this past weekend to capture his first Masters Tournament was incredible. It’s actually hard to put into words what he achieved.

But let me try.

Spieth terrorized Augusta National Golf Club and everyone in the field chasing him.

The 21-year-old star was the leader after the first round and never looked back. Not once. He made the most birdies in one Masters tournament (28). He tied the lowest 72-hole score (-19), he set the lowest 54-hole score (-16) and lowest 36-hole score (-14).

By reaching 19-under par, he becomes the only player to do so; and the first wire-to-wire champion since 1976.

After almost becoming the youngest player to ever win the Masters last year, Spieth didn’t let this year’s opportunity slip away.

Nobody came within two shots of catching him, and every time somebody seemed to start making a run at him, he would make a birdie. Every time Spieth would make a bogey, he would almost immediately make a birdie to get the shot back. In fact, two of his first three bogeys were immediately followed by birdies on the next hole. His last bogey came on the 18th hole with him already having a large enough lead to have it not matter.

The closets competitors next to him were Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose, both who posted a score of -14.

All of this couldn’t have happened to a better kid.

For being just 21 years old, he is as mature — if not the most mature — 21-year-old I’ve ever seen in any sport. It was incredible to see how he handled himself with such poise and a collected demeanor all week long.

If he had stayed at the University of Texas he would be a senior this year. After he tapped in his bogey put, and after he finished hugging his family and friends, Spieth went back out onto the green and applauded the crowd. When is the last time you’ve seen that done.

One family member that was not there just may be the most important. His 14-year-old sister, Ellie, was not in attendance to watch her brother become the second youngest player to ever win a green jacket. Ellie is a special-needs child and she has been an inspiration for Jordan.

Jordan Spieth is the whole package, on and off the golf course.

I am not going to go as far as comparing him to some of the greatest players to ever play golf just yet, but with the path he has been on over the past two years, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Before the Masters in his last three tournaments, Spieth finished second, tied for second and first. It seems like every time he plays in a tournament he is always in contention.

With Tiger and Phil on the decline as they are growing older, golf needs that next superstar who can draw large crowds to tournaments. Spieth can be that guy. His game is complete and he is fun to root for.

A lot of viewers watch the Masters on Sunday because of the drama that is involved. Every year seems to be a tight chase to the finish. Not this year. Spieth was in control, but it was still fun to watch the way he demolished the course and played with such composure all four days for being just 21 years old.

If you don’t know who Jordan Spieth is by now, make sure to snag a good look at him because he is going to be around for a long, long time.


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