Storrs Center to Undergo Two More Phases of Construction Before Completion

Storrs Center will undergo two more phases of construction before it reaches completion.

According to Kathleen Paterson, Communications and Special Projects Manager of the Mansfield Downtown Partnership, the second phase will consist of six buildings and should be completed in August.

“Phase two consists of five mixed-use buildings which will feature 200 new apartments by The Oaks on the Square on the upper floors and 34,000 square feet of commercial space on the first floors,” Paterson said.

Paterson said the sixth building will have a family-owned and operated daycare center called Educational Playcare for infants to children who are five years old.

According to Paterson, phase three will begin in June. This phase will be the construction of a residential neighborhood consisting of 42 townhomes and single-level flats.

The neighborhood will be called Main Street Homes at Storrs Center.

Paterson said that the combination of rental and for-sale homes is meant to draw in both students and more permanent residents.

“Storrs Center has been designed to attract residents of all ages who are looking for a lively, walkable neighborhood with easy access to shops, restaurants, open spaces, municipal facilities (such as the Mansfield Community Center), E.O. Smith High School, and the cultural, academic and athletic attractions at UConn,” Paterson said.

According to Paterson, Storrs Center was planned to respond to the national trend of people moving to areas where they can walk to amenities. This is a trend for people of all walks of life.

Patterson said that they are made to appeal to retirees, young workers and students who are looking to either downsize or have a neighborhood with a short commute.

Construction of phase three should be completed in 2016.

“The Town of Mansfield already had many of the things that people were looking for: strong schools, lots of public open spaces and outdoor recreational options, active civic groups, and amenities of the University,” Paterson said. “What the town lacked, however, was a downtown commercial core with walkable streets and a good mix of smaller homes, including high quality rental options. Storrs Center was planned to address these needs.”


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