Preparing for May Commencement is Going Smoothly for Most

Graduating from college can be a stressful time for students between trying to find a job and a place to live, but preparing for commencement in May has been going smoothly at the University of Connecticut.

General ticket distribution began on March 25, with students going to the Grad Fair at the UConn Co-op. Students were able to buy their cap and gown, order class rings and take their senior portrait for the Nutmeg Yearbook. A receipt of sale saying that a student purchased their cap and gown was required to receive commencement tickets.

Carly Sheehan, an 8th-semester communications major, thought that the grad fair was “pretty well organized” and that the ticket process was not difficult.

The only complaint with picking up tickets was that there were long lines, according to Macy Corica, an 8th semester journalism major. Otherwise, she “didn’t really have any problems getting tickets.”

For other students however, the allotted number of tickets is not enough to accommodate all family and friends. Many schools generally give out 10 tickets, with the exceptions being the Neag School of Education and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, whose students receive six tickets.

“CLAS generally receives the most requests for extra tickets, likely due to the high number of graduates it produces each semester,” university spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said.

Students are able to request extra tickets directly through the schools and colleges from which they are graduating, but sometimes these requests are not granted.

For Erin Kelly, an 8th-semester english major, six tickets is not enough for her grandparents and friends who want to be there to support her. She has been looking on the Buy or Sell Facebook page to see if she could buy some off of other students.

“We encourage any students who have extra guest tickets to give them to classmates who are seeking them,” Reitz said. “A fellow UConn students who has extra tickets and shares them with others can really help make the day special for those other students and their families.”

More information on commencement can be found at


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