#ThrowbackThursday Albums You Miss: Jack’s Mannequin – “Everything in Transit”

If it wasn’t for a few of my friends telling me how they heard “The Mixed Tape” playing in the Student Union last week, I would have continued on with my life forgetting this album existed. But as fate would have it, I fortunately have been reunited with it.


“Everything in Transit” is the debut album of Jack’s Mannequin, Andrew McMahon’s side project following Something Corporate. The album was released August 23, 2005.


Three months before the release of the album, McMahon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia forcing him to cancel all upcoming concerts and promotions. After receiving various treatments and a stem cell transplant from his sister (on the day of “Everything in Transit’s” release), McMahon made a full recovery.


The album debuted at No. 37 on the Billboard 200 with over 22,000 copies sold within its first week.


“Everything in Transit” explores the complete emotional spectrum by discussing matters like failed relationships, loneliness and pure happiness. It touches on the experiences that are common to everyone, eloquently putting together narratives that express all the things you had always been feeling but never knew how to say. It incorporates everything that makes an album great: meaningful lyrics, catchy choruses and powerful hooks.


For me personally, I pay close attention to lyrics. This album encompasses incredible music with expressive and well-written language. It not only offers the comfort because of its reliability, but also adds a sense of hopefulness and positivity, which can be seen in the song “I’m Ready.”


“I am aware, I’ve been misled/I disconnect my heart, my head/Don’t wanna recognize when things go bad/The things that you’ll accept/Except that I am finding the words to say/I’m ready.”


The song “Dark Blue” was every fan’s anthem. Back in the day when MySpace and AIM were still relevant, I can remember seeing countless bios and away messages with the lyrics “Have you ever been alone in a crowed room?” It was the line that invoked every teenager’s familiarity with the feeling. In a 2006 interview with Suburban Horror, an online site for punk music, McMahon said it was his favorite song on the record. “It was the last song I wrote on the record. I always find that my favorite song is the last one that I worked on. I think that song for me sums up the re cord in a lot of ways. I wrote it to do that.”


“Everything in Transit” is proof to the fact that Andrew McMahon is one of the greatest songwriters/musicians of our generation. The album is a pop-punk classic that’ll make you smile, cry and overall truly appreciate life, not only because of McMahon’s battle with cancer but because that is what good music does.


Although Jack’s Mannequin is no more, Andrew McMahon has continued making music almost 10 years later under different acts. His most recent and current project is under the name Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness.


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