Flo Rida to Perform Free Concert at UConn

Think back to your middle school days. When songs like “Low” dominated the radio airwaves and the especially gender-segregated gymnasium floors of your first ever co-ed dance. The awkwardness and hormonal imbalance you felt back then is coming to UConn – in a free concert given to students by rapper and mid-00s star Flo Rida. The date and location have yet to be announced.


Flo Rida offered college students a chance to gain virtual points through signing up, solving online clues and finding monetary prizes on campus through the GroupMe social media app from March 29 to April 4. The college with the most registered students through the app and the most points would be named as the contest winner. UConn easily won with 1,545 points – almost 1,000 more points than second-place Michigan State’s 621.


At first, it’s hard to see why people should be that excited. Flo Rida’s work over the years is so self-aware, yet redundant in its non-stop, partying, sex-filled and garish themes. You would think lines like “give that big booty a slap” would mature and evolve over the years, but they really have not. Moreover, his hit singles aren’t even his own tracks. “Low”, “Right Round”, “Wild One” and “Good Feeling” feature other artists or samples who sing the hooks of each song. The novelty of seeing Flo Rida years after his “peak” might be better than actually seeing him perform.


However, Mike Mancini, an 8th-semester communications major and contributor to online website “The Black Sheep”, remained optimistic about the kind of entertainment that he expects to see at a Flo Rida show. He said he was excited to have another spring concert.


“Flo Rida isn’t going to be one you have your give your arm and leg to someone for,” Mancini said, mentioning how concert tickets are often sold online to students. He also said it was awesome that UConn won a national competition out of all the possible schools that could have won a free concert.


“Even if you’re not a Flo Rida fan, I bet you’re a booze fan, so there’s really no point in not going,” Mancini joked.


This could all be promotion for Flo Rida’s new EP, “My House”, which features artists like Chris Brown and Robin Thicke who has disappeared since his colossal failure of an album “Paula” came out last summer. People clearly care enough to want another spring concert and hey: if it’s free, it’s free. Why not go check it out?


One thing for sure: before the end of the semester, be sure to take out those apple-bottom jeans and those boots with the fur (with the fur) that you’ve had in your closet for years. It’s time to party like it’s 2007.


0 thoughts on “Flo Rida to Perform Free Concert at UConn

  1. Why wasn’t this included in the article? Seems like pretty basic/relevant information! Do some damn reporting

    “University Prize (1): The University Prize is a FloRida concert (“University Prize”). The
    University Prize will be hosted by the winning University on a date selected by the Sponsor in its
    sole discretion. Eligible entrants who participated in the Promotion will be able to attend the
    concert, subject to availability and capacity of the concert venue. The concert will be held at an
    off-campus venue with a capacity between 500 and 1,500 people. The specific number of
    tickets available (or attendees allowed) and seat locations will be determined by the Sponsor in
    its sole discretion.”



  2. […] Well there you have it folks. Flo Rida is so multi-faceted he could’ve been an international businessman, making oil deals from his iPhone, throwing lobs to Boogie Cousins in the NBA, or even building houses for the homeless. But luckily for us, and UConn as a whole, he is a billboard top 40 rapper week-in and week-out, and throwing a free concert for the Huskies! […]


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