Oozeball moves to South Campus

Locations considered for Oozeball 2015 included Depot Campus.
Locations considered for Oozeball 2015 included Depot Campus.

This year’s Oozeball tournament will be relocated to South Campus in an attempt to increase the event’s visibility, said Jessica Sokol, advisor for the Student Alumni Association, which is responsible for putting on the event.

“We hope to have a larger event than last year,” Sokol said about the tournament, which was established as an annual tradition in 1983. “We are partnering with the Residents Hall association who will be putting on UConnapalooza.”

Both Oozeball and UConnapalooza are Spring Weekend events. Members from both organizations plan to form a committee for Spring Weekend to discuss logistics and strategies for drawing students.

Last year, the UConn Alumni association hosted 386 Oozeball teams on the field behind North Campus. The South Campus mall is larger and, as a result, the tournament will expand to allow 400 teams this year.

Each team can have six to eight players, so the expansion effectively allows other students to join that otherwise could not. The expansion was the result of a partnership with UConn Recreation.

“UConn rec is helping us out by doing exactly what they do best: running a tournament,” said student coordinator for Oozeball, Erin McMahon. “I am excited to see how their help can make the tournament run smoother and try to avoid having students outside wet and cold for long periods of time.”

After last year’s tournament the UConn Alumni Association and UConn Student Alumni Association met with Planning Architectural & Engineering Services (PAES) to find an appropriate location for the 2015 tournament.

“We were able to work with [PAES] to find out where the event fit, where it had the smallest impact on the environment, and discover the ideal location,” Sokol confirmed.

The other location considered for Oozeball is Depot Campus, which Undergraduate Student Government president Mark Sargent said would be an undesirable location.

“It is important to hold site of the traditions that the UConn community holds so dearly,” Sargent said. “It is tough to imagine the tournament would be the same if it were moved to Depot Campus.”

As of April 2nd, 20 spots remain open. The tournament is set to take place on Spring Weekend April 23-April 25.



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