Music, Life and Nonsense: Honesty in Music

Your favorite band or artist transcends a phase that you have gone through and signifies more of a culmination of who you’ve been and who you are now. A favorite artist is one that sticks with each of us through thick and thin and evolves over time the same way their listeners do.

To become a favorite, the artist’s music must have a timeless appeal. When listening back to the music, it shouldn’t sound dated either melodically or thematically. The favorite band’s music must follow us through the phases of our lives and be there for us when we need it.

It doesn’t seem so bizarre that people feel a kinship type of relationship with their favorite artists, because sometimes our only companions are the bands that we listen to as we walk the streets and fall asleep. We feel a connection to our favorite artists because music is a medium that spells out what we have trouble saying or admitting through songs. Sometimes the music we love understands us better than we understand ourselves.

We can learn from the highs and the lows in each song. We not only get to listen to the artist’s experiences, but we hear these people sing about things we also struggle with—heartbreak, loss, triumphs, hopes and dreams. That’s why versatility and consistency in honesty is found in so many artists that have become fan favorites—Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, U2, Nirvana, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Taylor Swift.

Of course, everyone has a different favorite band, but the commonality between all of them is that each favorite exists because of the artist’s ability to resonate with their listeners. They resonate with people because they’re singing from an honest place.

Many music fans are savvy and can easily pick apart the genuine from those who don’t believe what they’re singing.

As an artist, taking into account what fans may seek in your music is a perfect guide to creating lasting music. People want to be moved by music and the only way to really achieve that is for an artist to be moved in their own writing process. Writing down lyrics and a catchy melody with the goal of creating a synthetic version of emotion will not end up resonating with fans in the long run.

Everyone has a different favorite artist and band because we ultimately all experience different things and are pulled to varying sounds, but we all have similar reasoning for why we love our own music.

At the core of it all, we connect with music that gets us—music that speaks to a part of us that nothing else can or does so consistently. Our favorite bands remain even when we want to shut everything and everyone else away. They become a part of who we are and an extension of our innermost expression.


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