‘Daredevil,’ The Marvel Cinematic Universe Expands Again

With the ever rising popularity of video streaming these days, Marvel has decided to expand their operation onto the platform with their new show “Daredevil.” Season one becomes available April 10 on Netflix, and all signs indicate that the show will break new ground for the Marvel Universe.

The setup for “Daredevil” is this: the events of “The Avengers” left much of Hell’s Kitchen in ruins. Crime grew exponentially, leaving the New York City neighborhood in desperate need of a savior. This is where our protagonist comes into the picture. Hell’s Kitchen needs a hero, and Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, is going to rise to the challenge.

Thus far, we have only gotten to follow the escapades of people who are essentially gods (and one who actually is), but we have yet to see any street-level heroes in action. Even Marvel’s cable television show “Agents of Shield” is all about high tech gadgetry and superhuman powers. Daredevil is just the opposite as a gritty and realistic show focused on a man, Matt Murdock, without any sort of powers.

Murdock is a resident of a neighborhood in New York City known as Hell’s Kitchen. The place is essentially a cesspool, and Murdock is going to take it upon himself to fight for his city under the guise of Daredevil. The most compelling thing about his escapades as a hero is that he is completely blind. An accident from his childhood left him unable to see, but his senses became enhanced, so much so that he developed a “radar sense” that allows him to fight.

From what the trailers indicate, there won’t be much lighthearted quipping or highflying action set pieces in the show. Murdock is a brutal fighter who shows no mercy when he’s on the streets as Daredevil, meaning that this is the first Marvel property that really isn’t for all audiences. Now, many might draw comparisons to Batman, and some of this is warranted. They are both martial arts experts who act more as vigilantes than reputable heroes. The difference, however, comes down to their equipment. Bruce Wayne has millions to fund his operation, developing gadgets and gear to aid him in his crusade. All Daredevil has is a billy club and his skills. With this in mind, it’s no wonder he earned the nickname “the Man Without Fear.”

The other great thing about Daredevil is that although his story is connected to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, it stands alone. The heroes we are all familiar with might be mentioned here and there, but don’t expect any cameos or events from the movies bleeding into the plot of the show. This creates a unique grounded pocket in the MCU and paves the way for other street-level heroes to get their due in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thankfully, we only have to wait a few days until the debut of Marvel’s very promising foray into the “House of Cards” style distribution model.



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