Artist Spotlight: Brandon Sheer

Brandon Sheer, known as Sheare, is a New York City based artist with a knack for bringing 80s synth and 90s British invasion pop into modern production and songwriting.

He’s been pursuing a career in music for a few years now and is starting to build a name for himself in the NYC circuit as well as online. He’s had his music published in the Huffington Post, saying “Brandon Sheer is finding ways to stand out,” Examiner in which it’s been said he’s “Full of catchy indie-pop melodies,” as well as in Teen Vogue and Metro.

According to his Facebook page, his musical influences include Radiohead, M83, U2 and Jeff Buckley among others. Although many of his influences are from prior decades, he creates indie-pop music that taps into current production. His songs are accessible to the modern listener and he is savvy when it comes to finding ways to tap into the mainstream market, while maintaining his own unique artistic identity.

Sheer’s put out two EP’s “Somebody Else” (2013) and “Singularity” (2014) as well as the single “Nothing” that ]debuted on Teen Vogue. He’s put out interesting, engaging and quirky music videos that he hopes will rise above the noise of everything else out there. In the music video for his song, “Eyes,” Sheer stood singing into the camera while a collage of different people’s eyes would cover his own throughout the song. In the video for “Nothing,” Sheer is followed by a camera that goes into crevices, holes, pipes, buses and other entities around NYC and transports through them into other parts of the city in stop motion style.

Fans of Coldplay, OneRepublic and Keane will especially enjoy Sheare.

As much as his music is accessible to a mass audience, Sheer takes great pride in his own individual artistic vision. In an interview with Confront Magazine, he spoke about his debut EP, “Somebody Else,” saying, “With any music I’ve ever released I’ve always tried to culminate a cohesive theme both musically and aesthetically. This record is no exception.” He maintains a strong idea of what he wants his music to stand for and sound like.

Sheer has pushed himself as an artist both composition-wise, but also sonically. In his latest single, “Nothing,” the balance between a synth reminiscent of Passion Pit and well defined drum tracks makes for a catchy, upbeat and meaningful listen. It’s accessible to people who want to listen for fun and equally accessible to those who are looking for purposeful lyrics and a message only a true artist could stand behind.

In an interview with Confront Magazine, Sheer spoke about the obstacles of becoming better known saying, “most of the time it feels like I am standing on the tallest building in the world, screaming in attempts to be heard, yet no one can hear me haha. It’s an uphill battle, but if it were easy everyone would be doing it. You do it because you love it, not because you feel validated.” Sheer’s endeavors have come to fruition on many different occasions. Besides a multitude of some major blog features over the past couple years, according to Music Week, his music has been played on Graham Norton’s Radio 2 Morning show.

The sharpness of sound and knowledge of the industry puts Sheare at a huge advantage. They have the sound and the capabilities to be heard—so now it’s more about persistence. When asked by Confront Magazine if he could see himself doing anything other than music Sheer said, “I truly believe if you start putting a B plan into the universe, it will ultimately become your A plan.”


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