Has Chelsea risen above the premier league?

Throughout the years, the Premier League has risen to prominence through parity in the league; a different team wins it almost every year, despite some legendary coaches and players staying with the same teams for years on end. Chelsea, however, was bought by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who has brought the Blues from a team of mostly middle-tier talent and results to a European superpower who can easily take down almost any team in the world. Has this team with superstar talent such as Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Thibaut Courtois taken Chelsea above the league in a way European giants like Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have? Despite this money and their accolades, I do not believe that Chelsea has taken over the English Premier due to their inability to successfully win in Europe, the League Champions that have gone to other clubs and the financial fair play rules that have taken over the world through FIFA’s rulings.

Although the lineup for Chelsea compares to that of teams such as Barcelona, Bayern and Real Madrid, the team has not enjoyed the same success in Europe as these. In the past five years, they have not been exceptional. Although they have only failed to go past the group stage once, they have only won the Champions’ League one time. A club of this caliber should not be hoping for one or two Championships, but multiple. If they hope to put their mark on history and call themselves one of the top three clubs worldwide, they need to have continued success in the competition.

The Champions League is a battle of superstars, but Chelsea’s power should surely have them regularly winning the Premier League with the team they have assembled and the legendary coach, Jose Mourinho. In spite of this fact and the money of the club, the Blues only won the Premier League once in the past five years (2009/2010), and only three times in the past 10 years (2005, 2006, 2010). If they wish to call themselves as great as even Manchester United, they must regularly surpass the competition and claim the number one spot as their own.

Lastly, FIFA and the governing bodies of soccer have recently unveiled new rules restricting the buying power of clubs such as Chelsea with insane amounts of money to purchase players and teams. With these rules, the club with no doubt have more trouble assembling the superstar teams they have in the past. While many clubs in the Premier League have home grown players whom they build up from nothing, Chelsea almost exclusively buys great players from other teams.

I do not believe Chelsea has a right to be considered one of the highest clubs in the world despite recent success and buying power, and although they no doubt dominate the table at this time they never rise above the competition and parity of the league.


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