Tennis Takes on Bryant University

The UConn men’s tennis team will travel to Rhode Island Wednesday to take on Bryant University at 3 p.m.

The Huskies (2-13) are entering an important part of their season, as they start to prepare for the American Athletic Conference Championships in just two weeks time.

“It’s been a long and tough stretch for us but our guys are getting tougher,” head coach Michael Louis said.

Bryant (4-9) will be a challenging good test for the Huskies, despite a sub .500 record; the Bulldogs have been playing well recently. Their confidence is very high after coming off a win against Fairleigh Dickinson last Sunday, a team that defeated the Huskies earlier this year.

The reigning Northeast Conference champions will be looking to Matt Kuhar and Zach Morris to lead them past the visiting Huskies. Both have been named NEC player of the week this season. Wednesday’s match will be one of five matches the Bulldogs play before entering the NEC tournament later this month.

UConn is desperate for a win this week. The team has yet to get a win in their spring season and could really use a victory to gain some momentum towards the tail end of their season. The Huskies have had a lot of matches in a short period of time, but coach Louis does not think this is a major problem.

“This is what we train in the offseason for,” Louis said. Instead he highlighted the team’s need for consistency.

“We are an individual sport, one person can be on one day and one day another,” he said.

During these rough periods the team and coach Louis have looked to co-captains Jacob Spreyer and Joshua Palmer to keep the mentality around the team positive.

“For us it has to be one match at a time. We could look ahead to this weekend where we face off against ECU and Richmond, but we’ve got to focus on Bryant first,” Louis said.


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