Alpha Kappa Lambda to Fundraise for ‘These Hands Don’t Hurt’ Campaign

'These Hands Don't Hurt' is a sexual assault awareness campaign that encourages people to pledge not to engage in domestic violence.
‘These Hands Don’t Hurt’ is a sexual assault awareness campaign that encourages people to pledge not to engage in domestic violence.

In order to raise awareness about sexual assault on campus, Alpha Kappa Lambda held a donation drive and sold bracelets in support of the “These Hands Don’t Hurt” campaign on Tuesday in the Student Union.

“Our national fraternity is raising money for a local community,” Thomas Caruzo, 4th-semester business management major and former Alpha Kappa Lambda president, said. “We know a lot of students are interested in this.”

Those who saw the table were encouraged by Caruzo and other members of Alpha Kappa Lambda to either donate a dollar to sign their name on a wall full of hands pledging to end sexual assault and domestic violence or donate two dollars and receive a bracelet.

Alpha Kappa Lambda’s event, took place a week before National Sexual Assault Awareness Month – April – begins. It is similar to another campaign called “It’s Not Just Us”, which involves people who donated to “These Hands Don’t Hurt” and encourages them to share pictures of each other with bracelets on, pledging to not partake in domestic violence and to intervene when necessary, Caruzo said.

Last year the organization raised at least a thousand dollars – this year they’re looking for around the same or even more, Caruzo said.

“Working in conjunction with other fraternities, going to their own philanthropy events and promoting everything within our inter-council is how we contribute to improving the quality of our campus,” Caruzo said. “It gives people an opportunity to get involved.”

The fraternity’s support of the campaign comes weeks after news of Pi Kappa Alpha’s loss of university recognition. However, Caruzo said he remained confident in not just his own organization, but also the effectiveness and impact of Greek organizations as a whole.

“I think our campaigns and ability to work with other organizations shows that together we can do a lot of good,” Caruzo said, mentioning that other organizations, like sorority Alpha Chi Omega helped raise awareness for their cause. “It’ll definitely have a positive effect on campus, especially if our organizations continue to hold each other and our members accountable.”


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