UConn Extension to hold personal finance seminars

UConn Extension, a multi-faceted university program, is holding three personal finance seminars in the coming months.


Entitled “Your Money, Your Goals,” the presentation gives advice on personal economic decision-making and offers a “financial empowerment toolkit” to assist all participants. In conjunction with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, UConn Extension will be offering up members of their social service agency staff to teach individuals how to better handle their money.


The event will take place on April 9 in North Haven, April 16 in West Hartford and April 29 in Norwich. It will cost $30 to participate and will provide tabbed binders and lunch. The training lasts all day, excepting two breaks.


“Your Money, Your Goals” is set up to help people keep track of and better handle their daily expenditures, their debt and to avoid economic dangers. The staff conducting the event is made up of public and nonprofit groups who, for their career, assist people in dealing with difficult financial situations.


Some strategies that will be fleshed out at the event have to do with saving money and accumulating wealth. The program hopes to teach how to escape debt, save up for a home and a car.


UConn Extension describes itself as an organization that, “connects the power of UConn research to local issues by creating practical, science-based answers to complex problems. UConn Extension enhances small businesses, the economic and physical well being of families and offers opportunities to improve the decision-making capacity of community leaders. Extension provides scientific knowledge and expertise to the public in areas such as: economic viability, business and industry, family and community development, agriculture and natural resources. UConn Extension brings research to real life.”


There are more than 100 UConn Extension specialists who work throughout Connecticut in the capacity of “educators, problem solvers, catalysts, collaborators, and stewards.” Extension members consider themselves the face of UConn away from UConn.


A large part of UConn Extension is its agricultural, health and natural resources aspect. The organization wishes to innovate strategies in these areas to improve sustainability, safety, conservation and economic growth. A large part of UConn Extension is also the promotion of community action.


UConn Extension defines its mission as: “Ensuring a sustainable global future through research, teaching and public engagement utilizing agricultural, health, and environmental sciences.”


With a mix of seminars, programs and events, UConn Extension is involved with a variety of issues. It dabbles in conservationism, organic food, gardening, food safety, snow safety, saving money, spending money and even the economics of horse ownership. It only makes sense that they’d have representatives for personal finance.


Personal finance programs are especially important for college students facing constant tuition hikes. Along with others higher learning institutions in Connecticut, UConn continually has increased its tuition each year. In order to combat this, schools like Housatonic Community College have begun to offer courses in personal finance.


UConn offers a personal finance course, but it is only open to juniors or higher and requires that students have taken a college-level math course.


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