The Case for Curry

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has proven all season long that he deserves to win the NBA MVP Award. There is no other player on the planet as unique as Curry and he deserves to be rewarded for what he has accomplished this season.


Curry does it all at the point guard position. He has shown that he is more than just a “pure shooter,” the label that he was pegged with as he entered the league. He has led his team to the best record in the NBA, and has more importantly done it in the tough Western Conference, where point guards are challenged on a nightly basis.


Curry has been a complete point guard in today’s NBA. He has a deadly 3-point shot, shooting 42 percent and he leads the NBA in made field goals. Curry also has the ability to get into the lane. Curry has developed an arsenal of crafty layups and scoop shots that allow him to score in the lane despite his size.


What makes Curry so special is that the Golden State Warriors have morphed around his personality. The “baby faced assassin” plays with an incredible sense of confidence without jeopardizing the team first philosophy the Warriors have installed.


That is why Curry, who averages 7.9 assists per game, plays for a team that averages 27.4 assists per game as a unit. The Warriors, who lead the NBA in assists, have had over 30 assists as a team an astounding 26 times this season.


The NBA MVP race also has to reward winning. Golden State has already clinched the Pacific Division and they are likely to end up as the No. 1 seed. Curry is a big reason for this as he has worked to improve his game during each season of his career.


Curry has even worked to improve his defense. Curry was once considered a defensive liability as he was often times assigned to guard his opponents least threatening offensive player, while teammate Klay Thompson matched up against the other point guard. Now, Curry has taken the challenge to defend at a high level in a conference dominated by great point guards. Curry is currently averaging a career high 2.1 steals per game which is ranks third in the NBA.


Stephen Curry is the most important factor on the best team in the league while playing within a system that is not designed for only one player to shine. That is why he should have the edge over his competition.


Although James Harden and Russell Westbrook average more points per game than Curry, they are doing it while playing more minutes per game. The Warriors are often up big in the fourth quarter, which is why Curry is playing just 32.9 minutes per game.


Although Westbrook only plays one more minute per game than Curry, his usage rate is increased because he averages 21.2 shot attempts per game compared to Curry’s 16.8. In the case of Harden, Curry should receive the edge based on winning. The Warriors are not only ahead of the Rockets in the standings, they are also 4-0 against Houston this season.


Stephen Curry deserves the MVP award for his role in Golden State’s success. Winning should be rewarded when three players are as tightly considered as Curry, Westbrook and Harden.


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