Feb. 27 accident still under investigation

On February 27th, a fatal car accident occurred on the University of Connecticut Storrs campus between the Field House and the Student Union – Police have withheld details since that day.

A man named Maurizio Martino contacted the Daily Campus on March 11th, stating that his wife was in a car accident on February 27th that hasn’t received any media attention – and he wondered if “such a news blackout (was) customary.”

However, the Daily Campus has in fact been looking into this incident since the day it happened. Every week since the accident, UConn Police dispatch has said the case is “still under investigation.”

Martino wished to speak for his wife and to keep her name private, since official police reports have not yet been released.

According to Martino, his wife’s car was hit by a male driver who had allegedly lost consciousness while driving and subsequently lost control of his vehicle. He swiped Martino’s wife’s car and ran full force into a snow bank. His wife was unharmed, but an ambulance took the other driver away, and he never recovered.

The area where the accident took place was closed down for several hours that evening as police launched an initial investigation for “malicious intent.” However, no public service announcements went out to the UConn community regarding the incident, and the investigation seems to have been kept under wraps.

“I had heard nothing about malicious intent,” Martino said. “It seems the driver experienced a medical emergency and lost control of the vehicle.”

Martino simply wanted the incident to gain media attention – as he said he has not seen any reporting on this incident on or off campus – and especially because a released report from the UCPD for an accident like this one could take months. Police have been “sitting on all the information” regarding the incident, which is typical of a case involving a fatality, Martino said.

“We are waiting on the police report and don’t want to antagonize the authorities,” Martino said.



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