Column: Jets Still Have Work to Do

On the first day of NFL free agency the New York Jets got their man back again. Darelle Revis signed with the New York Jets for five years and $70 million, 39 million of which is guaranteed.

The Jets have been trying to rebuild their franchise under new head coach Todd Bowles and new general manager Mike Maccagnan. These two men have been given the tough task of adding stability to a franchise that at one time made back to back AFC Championships games in 2010 and 2011, before basically imploding under former head coach Rex Ryan.

When Revis was a New York Jet from 2007 to 2011 two things were certain: he was their best player and he was always one step ahead of the Jets in contract negotiations. Revis understood his value and money ultimately became the issue that led the Jets to trade their best player in franchise history away.

Revis will have a lot to prove in a Jets uniform, as he will be 30-years-old by the time he takes the field with his old team. Revis’ divorce with the Jets was ugly, and certainly both sides were at fault.

But what has to sting the Jets’ fan base the most was seeing Revis win a Super Bowl with the archrival New England Patriots. Revis’ return to New York has to be about more than just receiving a big contract to end his career

The Jets traded Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in April of 2013 for a first round draft pick. The Jets selected Sheldon Richardson with the draft pick which was a success, however, they failed at drafting their own replacement for Revis.

The Jets selected highly touted cornerback Dee Milliner who has been a major disappointment for the Jets in his career. With the addition of Revis, and now the return of cornerback Antonio Cromartie, the Jets have once again fortified the cornerback position.

New York has shown that they are willing to spend money in free agency after the firing of General Manager John Idzik, who was much more conservative when it came to spending.

The Jets have made all the right moves so far this offseason, however they still need to fill their biggest hole: the quarterback position.

New York has to move on from the idea that Geno Smith is capable of being a franchise quarterback that can lead this team back to the Super Bowl, which fans have long demanded.

Smith had two years to prove himself as a quarterback and he has failed. There is no other way to put it. Smith has added to the notion that the Jets should somehow be the laughing stock of the league. It is time to move on.

New York added veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he is not a long-term solution.

The Jets have been making all the right moves this offseason and they have a roster that is more than capable of making the playoffs. With Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker as top receivers, New York has an above average receiving core. They just need an above average arm to get them the ball.

New York is taking steps in the right direction by improving areas of need, but they must find a way to improve at quarterback or else they will be faced with the same challenge of having to win in spite of their quarterback play.

In a league dominated by offense, an improvement at the quarterback position has to be the next step of the New York Jets.


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