Wednesday Morning Briefing

Art installation celebrating LGBTQ community vandalized

An art exhibit designed to encourage young people to speak out about their queer identities was vandalized with hate speech and lewd images Thursday night.

The unknown offender drew penises on two of the photographs in the art exhibit, wrote, “god hates the gays” on the exhibit’s sign-in book and drew a mustache on a self-portrait of the exhibit’s artist Rachelle Lee Smith. The vandalism drew attention for Philly Magazine and Rachel Conboy, USG’s first LGBTQ president. Read more here. 


Alumni Association dissolved, restructered

Funding by the University of Connecticut for the UConn Alumni Association has been cut off, threatening the existence of the Alumni Association as an independent organization, but it may also be an attempt by the university to obtain the organization’s $6 million in assets.

At an Alumni Association meeting Jan. 13, President Susan Herbst announced that UConn was suspending their funding to the organization, and the Alumni Association could no longer use UConn’s logo at the end of the quarter. Read all about the changes here.


Campus Media Roundtable discusses marijuana, USG and HuskyTHON:

Want to scoop behind the headline? Check out our collaboration with WHUS and UCTV to get a better look at campus news.


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