Shadow Susan Herbst for a day

The Center for Career Development has paired up with the Office of the President to coordinate a Job Shadow with President Herbst contest.

Students will have the opportunity to observe Herbst’s day-to-day operations as well as the public component of her job, Lee Hameroff, Assistant Director of the Center for Career Development, said.

Herbst’s office reached out to the Center for Career Development to add a career development component to the shadow day, Hameroff said.

“To our knowledge there aren’t other programs out there that combine the career development part of it,” Hameroff said.

The purpose of adding the career aspect is to mimic the experience of applying for a job, Hameroff said.

The CCD is looking for students with transferable skills that they say employers are most looking for, Hameroff said.

“We are looking at the ten desired traits based on the National Association of Colleges and Employers in their annual employer survey,” Hameroff said.

Some of these traits include the ability to verbally communicate, inside and outside an organization, the ability to work in a team structure, the ability to make decisions and solve problems, ability to plan, organize and process.

The CCD is also looking for students who have a strong interest in what’s happening on college campuses and who want to experience what it would be like to lead a university or large organization; they must also exhibit leadership, involvement, Hameroff said.

Students of all years, majors and from any campus are welcome to apply. The CCD hopes to have five finalists to interview during the week of March 30, and ultimately end up with one winner, Hameroff said.

There are plans to continue having a shadow day for the following semesters as well.

“This is a pilot program right now. We will make changes to make sure it’s replicable each semester moving forward,” Hameroff said.

The inspiration behind the shadow day was based off requests from students who were interested in being exposed to what the president does.

“We have had over 1000 views on the website where we announced this so we think it will be pretty popular,” Hameroff said.


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