Rachel Conboy is the New Undergraduate Student Government President

After hundreds of students voted for various candidates last Wednesday, March 4. election results are now in for the University of Connecticut Undergraduate Student Government (USG).

The newly elected President, Rachel Conboy, and Vice President, Adam Kuegler, ran together as an unopposed pair, receiving 96 percent of the votes. The other four percent of votes were for write-ins.

The elected USG Comptroller, Parth Rana, also ran unopposed, receiving 95 percent of votes.

Benjamin Murray, Kassandra Pugliese, and Erika Mia Elechicon, all received the USG ACES senator position, given to three candidates. Together they received 91 percent of votes.

Sarah Chau and Colin Ng were elected as the two USG College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources senators, together having earned 60 percent of the total votes. Other candidates included Aarya Shenoi (25 percent of votes) and Jan Kocur (12 percent of votes). The other 3 percent of votes were for write-ins.

After a very close race, Avani Gangavelli and Francesca Caruso were elected as the two USG School of Business senators, each receiving 27 percent of the total votes. Evan Amato (20 percent of votes) and Ron Sasonov (23 percent of votes) were other candidates in the running.

The three elected USG School of Engineering senators are Julia Kennedy, Soumya Kundu and John Beatty, who all ran unopposed.

The ten candidates who were elected as USG CLAS senators are Tyler Ryff, Michael Lanza, Kei-Matthew Pritsker, Timothy Sullivan, Timothy Lim, Braden Parker, Bennett Cognato, Ankoor Desai, Lauren Oldziej, George Wang and Samuel Julien. Other candidates in the running included Venkatram Gopal, Victor Trofimov and Alexander Karl.

Positions including USG School of Education senator, USG School of Fine Arts senator, USG School of Nursing senator, USG School of Pharmacy senator and USG Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture senator were not filled because no students ran.


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