Fire Alarm Pulled at Daily Campus Building After Meeting

A fire alarm was pulled at The Daily Campus following a meeting between Katherine Tibedo, Editor-in-Chief, Husky Records secretary Scott Hoffman and recording artist Moshood Balogun—known colloquially as Mosh.

UConn Police have issued a court summons for Balogun in response, according to Officer Michael Rhodes. According to Balogun, he reported the incident to the Police and turned himself in to “minimize damages.” Details about the investigation were not available as it is still currently open.

According to The Daily Campus Financial Manager Nancy Depathy, “Two students were here to meet with Katherine at 4 p.m. Our receptionist leaves at 4 p.m. and the doors are locked at that time. The receptionist told the students that when they left, they would need to leave through the back door either upstairs or downstairs.”

Depathy, who has worked at The Daily Campus for a decade, listened as Hoffman and Balogun exited the building and heard laughter as the back door opened.

“I heard them coming down the stairs and waited to hear that they exited through the back door and weren’t walking around on the first floor,” Depathy said. “On their way out I heard them laughing just as I heard the door open and subsequently the fire alarm went off.   When I left the building I looked to see if the fire alarm by the door was pulled and it was. I was the only person on the first floor.”

The Fire Department confirmed that the alarm had gone off because it was pulled.

Balogun said hostilities during the meeting lead him to pull the alarm.

“It was an impulsive act of petty, nonsensical rebellion, not immediately derivative of the subject matter discussed in my meeting with the Editor-In-Chief Katherine Tibedo regarding my very wrong and unlawful (albeit unintentional) copyright infringement of one of their photos,” Balogun said. “It was an act of immense immaturity that abused and disrespected Emergency Services, and I sincerely apologize for that. Fire alarms are not tools used to get back at the other kids on the playground.”

Tibedo had met with Hoffman and Balogun, as well as Jonathan Kulakofsky, the photo editor for The Daily Campus, to discuss an image belonging to The Daily Campus that had been used without permission or attribution as the cover art of Balogun’s EP “Love Lust” which dropped Feb. 28.

Balogun said his decision to pull the fire alarm was less about The Daily Campus asking him to take down the copyright infringed image and “in response to ever prevalent hostile and condescending connotations that arose during said meeting.”

Tibedo said that in the meeting she and Kulakofsky were firm, not hostile, and Balogun and Hoffman agreed to the solution.

The album cover was a photo taken by The Daily Campus staff photographer Jason Jiang in September at a concert on the South Lawn hosted by The Medical Humanitarian Society.

Jiang was notified of Husky Records using his photo for Balogun’s album March 3 at 11 a.m. via a Facebook message from Scott Hoffman that read:

“We recently released Mosh’s LoveLust EP, and the cover artwork is a picture that was taken by you […] Due to a miscommunication between us and him we never got in touch to clear this with you.  What are your thoughts?”

After being told by Jiang that The Daily Campus executives needed to clear the decision, as photos taken by staff belong to the organization and not the individual, Hoffman contacted executives and was told Husky Records’ use of the image was copyright infringement.

Tibedo contacted Hoffman personally, as well as the entire executive board of Husky Records and received no response until she was able to track down Hoffman’s personal cell phone on UConntact and arranged a meeting.

During the meeting, Kulakofsky said that Husky Records agreed to take the image down by midnight on March 4 and that plans were being made to compensate The Daily Campus for copyright infringement and intellectual property theft. Balogun stated in a Facebook message that he had removed the photo from all platforms.


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