Facebook Rated Top Internship Site by Glassdoor Again

The top 5 companies for internships according to Glassdoor were Facebook, Chevron, Google, Quicken Loans and eBay. Photo courtesy of Pixaby.
The top 5 companies for internships according to Glassdoor were Facebook, Chevron, Google, Quicken Loans and eBay. Photo courtesy of Pixaby.

Just as students are beginning to search for internships for Summer 2015 or beyond, business management site Glassdoor has released its annual list of top 25 companies for internships for 2015.

Facebook seized the top spot for the second year in a row, while Chevron rose to second place and Google fell to third. After those three, Quicken Loans and eBay round out the top five best companies. Glassdoor bases its list on the company rating provided by interns who have experience at that company. In addition, Glassdoor provides a rating for interview difficulty.

A statement on the Glassdoor website reads, “Now is the time for college students and young professionals to apply to summer internships. Glassdoor combed through thousands of company reviews shared by interns over the past year to identify the companies that offer the best experience.”

Tech companies dominated the top 25 in this year’s survey. Behind Facebook and eBay are Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft and Intel. The rest of the list contains a variety of companies: from insurance companies like State Farm and Liberty Mutual, to energy companies like Exxon Mobil and financial companies like the Boston Consulting Group.

Glassdoor attributed the high marks given to Facebook by its interns to the creative environment the company provides, as well as the inclusive nature of the company, an emphasis on teamwork and the significance of the work interns do there.

“Why is Facebook so highly rated by interns? Glassdoor dug into Facebook company reviews and its interns report a great company culture that embraces inclusiveness and creativity, feeling like part of the team, working with smart engineers and colleagues on projects that actually get built and impact billions of people,” according to Glassdoor’s website.

What may be surprising to many students is the lack of a strong correlation between the company rating and the interview difficulty rating, which is also based on data Glassdoor collects from interns who succeeded in acquiring an internship at their respective company.

The hardest company in the top 25 to land an internship at is the Boston Consulting Group, or BCG, with a rating of 3.8, despite a company rating of 4.4. That difference is sizeable when compared to Facebook, which has a company rating of 4.6, and an interview difficulty rating of 3.1.

The lowest interview difficulty rating was determined to be Quicken Loans, with a rating of 2.7. Other companies in the top 20 with a difficulty rating below 3.0 are Yahoo, NBC Universal, State Farm, Disney, Liberty Mutual, Broadcom, Exxon Mobil and the Hewlett-Packard Company, or HP.

Several UConn students talked about what they look for in internships, but expressed their beliefs that lists like the one released by Glassdoor aren’t useful for finding internships, and aren’t useful to students in specialized majors.

“I look for connections, communication and the possibility of a future,” Mark Lupinacci, a 2nd semester finance major, said. “But a list of top companies is one of the last resources I would use.”

Other students found the list interesting, but didn’t believe that there was much value for students looking to find an internship in a science or engineering field.

“I look for a personable position where I can get experience in the field I’m looking to go into for my major,” Brianna Perry, 2nd semester biomedical engineering major, said. “I’d like to see a ‘top twenty five internships for different fields.’ As a biomedical engineering major, it’s not useful to me to see the best internships at finance institutions or something. It’s interesting, but not very helpful for finding an internship.”




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