UConn Women’s Lacrosse conquers University of New Hampshire in 17-8 win

Amidst snowy weather conditions at the George J. Sherman family sports complex on Sunday afternoon, UConn women’s lacrosse dominated their way to a 17-8 victory over the University of New Hampshire.

Coming off an emotional loss against Syracuse on Wednesday, The Huskies ability to set the tone early and often proved to be detrimental for the UNH Wildcats. Further, UConn got offensive contributions from several sources on Sunday, ultimately allowing the Huskies to run up the score. However, although UConn was successful on Sunday, the Huskies were victorious despite having to battle through some imperfect elements.

Adjusting to Stormy Conditions
Due to the slippery field and blizzard winds, UConn’s coaching staff emphasized shorter, and less risky passing plays.

“We tried to encourage the shorter passes, so that it wasn’t such a long pass where you’d really have to rely on the stringing of your stick. And it’s also easier to receive, if it’s a little bit of a shorter pass. For a longer one, a lot of things can kinda get in the way. So that was the biggest thing. Just making sure that were supporting the ball and not making any crazy passes,” head coach Katie Wood said following the game.

Setting The Tone Early

Since the weather was far from ideal on Sunday, Coach Wood knew that her team needed to set the tone right from the opening face-off.

“It was hugely important to set the tone early. I think we did in a lot of ways,” she said. “We kinda got into a groove with certain things, and we were able to find success offensively and defensively, which was really good. I felt like the two sides of the ball really complimented each other really well.”
Several Offensive Weapons
With nine different goal scorers in the contest, UConn proved that it exhibits a true team concept. According to Wood, this was clearly on display against the New Hampshire Wildcats.

“The MO with our attack is that it can be anybody at any time. That’s how we practice, that’s the way we get after it with them,” Woods said. “I think for us, it’s we’re starting to find each other a lot more and see things, which is really nice because we’re working as a team. And it’s really hard to stop a team that has multiple threats, and I feel like that was helpful for us today.”


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