UConn Club Boxing to become a Club Sport

10/06/08 - Boxing Club Grabs by Matt LinThe University of Connecticut Boxing Club is working to become a club sport in order to fight in national competitions by this time next year.

UConn’s Boxing Club plans to hire a new coach, train in the fall and compete in the spring as a member of the National College Boxing Association.

“There are a lot of members who want to compete but we haven’t had the opportunity or the resources. But being a club sport would give us more support from the school,” Shaina Forte, president of the Boxing Club and junior nursing major, said.

The new coach will be Michael Campisano, who is currently the assistant coach for boxing at the Coast Guard Academy, Forte said.

Forte said each practice will consist of conditioning, followed by Campisano’s instruction on the proper technique and form of boxing and then sparring between members.

Though the club is co-ed, sparring partners are paired up by experience level, and then height and weight just like in a real match.

As of right now the club is open to anyone and practices twice a week in the Hawley Armory.

Becoming a club sport and joining the NCBA will grant the team membership to fully equipped boxing gyms off campus.

UConn will compete against other schools in the national competition including Tennessee, Army and the Coast Guard Academy.




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