Column: Yet Another Comeback for Derrick Rose

For all of the great side effects that come with sports, injuries are definitely one of the worst side effects.

Injuries can rob players of potential right before our eyes. They can leave us questioning why, and wondering what if. You hate to see any player regardless of skill level forced to the sidelines from doing something that they love to do.

The latest injury to Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose is not only heartbreaking to fans and teammates, but also to players around the league. Rose is one of the true good guys in the NBA, so you hate to see him have to deal with these continuous setbacks.

Once the youngest player to win the NBA Most Valuable Player award, Rose has now suffered a series of season ending knee injuries with the latest being a torn medial meniscus in his right knee for the second year in a row.

Seeing Rose go down is painful to watch because of how important he is to his franchise as well as his hometown of Chicago.

Who can forget seeing Rose lying on the court during Game 1 of a 2011 playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers clutching his left knee. That was the beginning of what has now been one nightmare injury for another for Rose.

Every comeback up to this point has been met with an equally heartbreaking setback for Rose.

The worst part is that when healthy, Rose is one of the best players in the world at what he does. His fearlessness and ability to attack the rim as a point guard coupled with his ability to unleash a deadly floater was one of a kind.


Chicago has always been a title contender but Rose is that piece that puts them over the top. Chicago needs Rose badly and only time will tell if this year will be another lost opportunity for the organization.

It is hard to imagine that Rose has to once again go through the arduous rehab process to get his knee to 100 percent. Being at full strength is critical for Rose with his style to play. There is no question that this guy loves the game of basketball but after another demoralizing injury does he decide enough is enough?

Rose’s Chicago teammates are trying to remain optimistic that Rose will return, even possibly this season.

“Just really sad,” Joakim Noah said to reporters about how he feels about this latest injury to Rose. “Angry, sad – he doesn’t deserve it. It’s just really disappointing. I feel bad for him, but I know he’s a tough guy and he’s going to bounce back.”

If it is any extra motivation, Rose has shown that he can overcome this sort of thing.

Before the injury this season Rose was showing flashes of his old abilities. He was working to gain consistency heading into the playoffs with a Bulls’ team that had other pieces around him that would be successful.

If Rose decides that he has one more comeback in him, the basketball world will be ready and rooting for him to get back to his old self.


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