Pre-Law Advisor Dr. Kammerer leaves UConn unexpectedly

The University of Connecticut’s pre-law advisor and director of the special program in law, Dr. Ed Kammerer, unexpectedly left the position on the afternoon of February 18, 2015 for a personal matter that the university will not disclose, according to University Spokesperson Stephanie Reitz.

All students in the special program in law (SPinL) received an email announcing that Kammerer would “no longer be serving as the Pre-Law advisor at UConn” as of February 18. The email was sent out at 5 p.m. that day.

Kammerer served as a director and advisor at UConn for the past 19 months, while also teaching as an adjunct for Northeastern University and operating his own law firm, said second semester SPinL student Kevin Fitzgeral. Kammerer’s LinkedIn now lists him as a “Lecturer at Northeastern University College of professional studies.”

“I think he (Kammerer) ran the program really well and gave really good advice,” Fitzgerald said. “But I think he’ll be successful in wherever he goes after this.”

Many of Kammerer’s other advisees expressed a similar sentiment for their former mentor who, according to them, will be greatly missed.

“Ed was a fantastic adviser who spoke realistically about the cost and benefit associated with law school,” Danielle Ullo, a SPinL student who also worked as a UNIV facilitator with Kammerer this past fall said. “He was very involved in all aspects of the Pre-Law community, including coaching both the Moot Court and Mock Trial teams, advising the UConn Law Society, and working to bring more events to those interested in pursuing law.”

Currently the Assistant Vice Provost for Enrichment Programs, Jennifer Lease Butts, along with help from her colleagues will be covering Kammerer’s role as advisor to the SPinL students and all of the clubs that he once mentored have been covered by other faculty in the department.

“We are working with faculty on campus to provide coverage for advising appointments for students for the remainder of the semester,” Reitz said. “As soon as we’re able to do so, we will put hours back in the adviser appointment system for students to access.”

The university is working on a plan to fill the vacant position with the hope that it will be filled before the fall 2015 semester begins, Reitz said.

“I will likely be calling on SPinL students to assist in the hiring process once we begin the search for a pre-law advisor, as you are all good representatives of the students served in the Pre-Law office,” Butts wrote in her email to all SPinL students last Wednesday.


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